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As one of the most beautiful North Sea Islands, Langeoog has simply everything to offer, which is every holiday maker’s dream come true.
Langeoog has a beautiful 14 km long sandy beach and a spectacular dune landscape. The island is known as a North Sea health resort. The sun shines over 1500 hours of the year on Langeoog. Whether light breeze or heavy gale, each cloud is gone as fast as it arrives.

The so called ‚island for life‘ is not only a paradise for families, sportsmen, recovery-seekers and singles, Langeoog is also for the nature-friendly, health-conscious and culture-interested people – simply for everyone.

On the 19 km² large island there are no cars allowed. However, you can discover the island by foot, a bicycle tour or on a guided horse carriage. Enjoy the 14 km long natural beach as you take a leisurely stroll or relax in one of our beach chairs, which you can rent for the day.

Sports and entertainment

You will never get bored on Langeoog because of the varied range of sports that awaits you. You can go swimming, surfing, play football, tennis, basketball or ride along the beach on horseback. You can also go ‚Nordic Walking‘. Langeoog is the first of the East Frisian Islands that have a Nordic Walking Park.

We also have a great swimming pool and sauna located in the dunes. You can relax at our modern spa, where you can indulge in some spa treatments – enjoy a massage, for example.

Langeoog has many tourist sights. One of them is our emblem „the watertower“. The tower was built in 1908/9. You can check out the fantastic view over the village and the beach. Also, visit the gravesite and the ancient dwelling of the famous singer Lale Anderson.

The little village of Langeoog has a lot of sidewalk cafés where you can enjoy a cup of our traditional East Frisian Tea. We also have many fine restaurants – try some fresh fish, straight from the North Sea.

Of course, you can stroll through Langeoog village and be amazed by our shopping facilities.
In the afternoon and the evening we offer concerts and exhibitions, comedy entertainment and performances from Langeoog’s ‚Shanty Chor‘. The kids will have a lot of fun in our Wendy house where performers and clowns love to entertain them The whole family can take different boat trips. The shipping company offers, for example, a boat trip where the kids can live the lives of pirates. They are able to dress up as pirates and do what pirates do best – hunt for the treasure which is hidden in the sea. This is not only fun for the children, but also for the parents and grandparents. You can also take a boat trip to the seal banks or the neighbouring islands.


Langeoog offers a broad variety of accommodation. We have many hotels, ‚Bed and Breakfasts‘ and Holiday apartments for rent. Holiday apartments of all standards are often required. If you need help finding appropriate accommodation, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the accommodation service, which can be contacted on:, phone: 0049 4972 693201.


All cars must be left on the mainland because on Langeoog there are no cars allowed. There are available parking spaces near the harbour in Bensersiel, where your journey starts. At the harbour terminal you can get your ‚LangeoogCard‘. This multifunctional card is a combination of ticket and service card. The ferry departs regularly between Langeoog and Bensersiel. When you arrive at the harbour of Langeoog, the brightly coloured train will be waiting for you to transport you to the train station near the village. For timetables please see
Discover the many beautiful sides of the ‚island for life‘.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Langeoog!